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Book ImageThe Creative Curriculum Study Starters: Water Pipes (#9)
A Step-by-Step Guide to Project-Based Investigations in Science and Social Studies
By Charlotte Stetson
36 Pages, 2006, 8.5" x 11" saddle-stitched, 3-hole punched
Teaching Strategies
ISBN: 1-933021-20-9
Item #: 1201


This valuable new science and social studies resource is a series of step-by-step guides on developing studies about real-life topics that spark children's curiosity. Study Starters begin with topics that children want to explore and help you identify children's questions, learn background information and vocabulary, organize and plan the environment, facilitate investigations, incorporate content skills and knowledge, and involve families.

Children are curious about where water goes into and comes out of pipes. They love to look inside pipes and experiment with the flow of water. In this study, children learn about the characteristics of water, what pipes are made of, how water gets from one place to another, and how people depend upon water.

Each Study Starter is available individually, or you may purchase the complete set to receive a free teacher's guide and full-color binder to store the Study Starters and your notes. This is designed for preschool and kindergarten programs.


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